Fair Lunch Sale

NO EXTRA MINT OR HIDDEN TOKENS - The $HGT smart contract has NO ability to mint extra tokens nor can the supply be manually increased or used in an artificial way to change the initial supply by awarding ourselves free tokens.
NO RUG PULL - Liquidity will be locked for 200 years via Pinklock which cannot be touched or released early. (This means that you as a token holder will ALWAYS have the freedom to buy/sell whenever you like without restrictions or complications - the tokens that you buy are yours and remain in your wallet always and are never get 'locked').
NO BOTS - All front run and sniper bots will be instantly blocked by the $HGT smart contract by the blacklist feature. Our smart contract cannot block normal wallets, only blocks contracts which bots usually use.

ADM Progressive Anti Dump

day 2% max sell (first time ) - second sell 10%(second time /day ) + third sell 24 and so on Automatic Buy Back